Employment & Employee Compensation

Employee Compensation

Salary Schedule

  • Current salary ranges for all City employees, listed for each classification (job title) from Step A (the lowest possible rate) up to Step G (the highest possible rate), and current salary rates for all elected and appointed officials.

Labor Contracts

  • View current labor contracts for the City of Tustin.
  • The City Manager and certain department heads have a separate employment agreement that specifies terms and conditions of employment.
  • The City's labor contracts specify the wages, benefits, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment for all City employees.
  • For employees in a recognized bargaining unit (TMEA, TPMA, TPOA, and TPSSA), employment terms and conditions are contained in a contract known as a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that is negotiated between the City and the bargaining unit.
  • For employees who are in an unrepresented employee group (Executive Management, Management, Supervisory, Confidential, and Part-Time Non-Benefitted employees), terms are implemented by the City Council through a Resolution.
  • Total compensation for all full-time and part-time City employees.


Employment Opportunities

Class Specifications

  • A class specification (job description) is an official statement of the duties and responsibilities of a position(s) in the job classification, illustrated by examples of typical duties and the qualification requirements for employment in the classification.
  • If you are interested in employment in a classification that is not currently open (as listed on the Employment Opportunities page), you may submit a Job Interest Card by clicking on the link that says "E-mail me when jobs like this become available" (located on the top right of the class specification).