New Fee Schedule

The City of Tustin City Council has approved new fee schedules which are effective as of October 1, 2021. A worksheet of Planning Division fees can be viewed here

Current Planning

The Current Planning Division reviews proposed development applications to ensure compliance with the Zoning Code and related development standards. Current Planning staff works with applicants to process a variety of entitlements including conditional use permits, design reviews, sign permits, temporary use permits, and temporary sign permits. 

The Current Planning Division provides support to the Planning Commission.


Advance Planning

The Advance Planning Division oversees a variety of activities including:

  • Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)
  • Long-range planning activities such as General Plan Amendments, Zoning Code updates, and regional planning issues to include housing, environmental review, transportation, air quality, airport issues, historic preservation, and demographics.
  • Monitoring of State and Federal legislation for potential impacts to the City.


City Planning staff are available to answer questions from property owners, applicants, and other members of the community about land use and zoning requirements. Please call the Planner of the Day line at 714-573-3140 with any zoning-related questions.

Additional Information

The Planning Division Counter at 714-573-3140 is open during normal office hours and a Planner is available to provide a variety of planning and zoning documents and applications.

Please note the following changes to Orange County Fire Authority plan/permit payments, effective September 1, 2020.