Rental of Bike Lockers

Tustin commuter rail station bicycle lockers shall be used for bicycle storage only. No other items may be stored in the locker at any time and only Metrolink commuters may use the lockers.

Rental Agreements

Rental agreements are issued on a 3-month basis. Payment is due upon execution of rental agreement. 

Rental agreements are accepted on a first come first serve basis. If all lockers are rented and a waiting list exists at time of renewal, the licensee must forgo his/her locker and his/her name will be moved to the end of the waiting list.

Rental Rates

Rental rate for bicycle lockers are as follows:

  • $16 per month, paid in 3 month increments ($48 due and payable at time of rental)

Bike Locker Rental Application

Apply in the Citizen Self Service Portal.

For questions about the bike locker rental application, please contact the:
City Of Tustin Public Works Department Engineering Division at

Bike Cars

As part of its green initiatives program, Metrolink has added Bike Cars to accommodate more bikes on select trains. For more information please visit the Metro Link page.

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