How will the traffic be handled on the site and on the streets surrounding the new gasoline station?

Anticipated traffic for the project was evaluated through the submittal of two (2) traffic studies; an initial traffic study and a secondary (supplemental) traffic report.   A separate report analyzing the long-term buildout traffic conditions for the project and vicinity was also prepared.  All studies were prepared by a licensed traffic engineer.

The initial traffic study analyzed anticipated trip generation and related impacts, Level of Service (LOS) and queueing analysis at different intersections, fuel area layout, fuel delivery site circulation and on-site vehicle stacking and parking.     This analysis also accounted for the fact that the existing on-site use, the Goodyear Tire Center, would be replaced with additional parking area.    The supplemental traffic study confirmed the initial study findings and provided a comparative analysis between the Tustin Ranch location and the existing Tustin Costco gasoline station located at The District (in Tustin).   Both traffic studies concluded that traffic impacts would be less than significant.   

Copies of the Traffic Studies and Build Out can be found at Traffic Studies and Build Out Study   

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1. What is the current status of the project for the new Costco gasoline station in Tustin Ranch?
2. Why did City Council members decline to have private meetings with individuals before the appeal hearing?
3. How many emails did the City Council receive in advance of the Appeal Hearing on October 15, 2019, and what position on the project did they want?
4. How many gasoline pumps will the project actually contain?
5. What will be the hours of operation for the new gasoline station?
6. Why did the new gasoline station not need an environmental impact report (EIR)? Was the exemption a loophole?
7. What studies have been completed to support the City Council action on the project?
8. How are greenhouse gases emissions estimated and air quality evaluated to know if the new station will have any adverse impacts on public health? Is vehicle idling included in these assessments?
9. How will the traffic be handled on the site and on the streets surrounding the new gasoline station?
10. What if a major traffic jam is created with cars waiting to get gas at the new Costco location – what happens then?
11. What will happen to my property value if I live near a gasoline station?
12. The new Costco gasoline station will drive out other smaller, independent gas station owners in the City compelling everyone to buy gas at Costco. Does the City not care about small businesses?
13. What are the differences between the new gasoline station and the existing Costco gasoline station at The District?
14. What are the lessons learned from the other Costco located at The District?
15. Can the City Council’s decision on the Costco application be appealed?