What can I do to ensure my pool is as efficient as possible?

A properly managed pool or spa can be an appropriate use of water. Use the following tips to help save water and money:

  • Cover Your Pool 
    • An exposed pool loses 50 to 70 gallons of water per square foot per year to evaporation. During the hot summer months, you may lose up to 4 inches of water each week. Pool covers reduce evaporation by 90%, limit windblown debris and conserve energy
  • Drain to the Sanitary Sewer 
    • When you drain your pool or spa to the sanitary sewer, you allow the water to be cleaned and used again, rather than wasted. Should the City enter another Stage of the Water Management Plan, you may be unable to fill your pool. Please contact staff at 714-573-3350 to determine what restrictions are in place
  • Heat Pool Conservatively 
    • Warmer water means higher evaporation rates. Professionals recommend 78 degrees Fahrenheit as the ideal recreational pool temperature
  • Maintain Pool Filters 
    • Wash cartridge filters when your pump operating pressure increases by 10 psi (pounds per square inch). You can wash cartridges on landscape areas since chlorinated pool water is diluted with clean water. Never allow wash water to run into the street
  • Manage Water Quality 
    • Test pool and spa water frequently and maintain appropriate chemical balances
  • Protect the Pool From Wind 
    • Wind exposure can increase evaporation in uncovered pools. Plant trees and shrubs that buffer your pool, but won’t shed or drop leaves in the water
  • Test for Leaks 
    • This four-step bucket test may help you determine if you have a leak or a high evaporation rate:
      • Turn off the automatic fill valve
      • Place a bucket on a step where the bucket rim is at least a few inches above the water line. Place a heavy weight in the bucket and add water until the water level inside the bucket is equal with the water level in the pool
      • Leave the bucket and pool undistributed for several hot days, then compare the water level in the bucket to the water level in the pool
      • If the water level in the bucket is noticeably higher than the water level in the pool, you may be losing water to a leak. Contact a pool leak detection specialist

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