Drought Information

Summer 2022 Water Days

May 2022 - Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order regarding the expanding statewide drought emergency and calling for urban water suppliers to reduce water use up to 20% to protect water reserves. 

In response, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted emergency regulations directing urban water suppliers to implement Level 2 of their Water Shortage Contingency Plans.  The City of Tustin's plan and ordinance can be found here:  

2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Ordinance 1516 Water Management Plan

Please contact the Water Billing Division with questions:  (714) 573-3075.

Summer 2022 Watering Flyer

new level 2 restrictions imposed

To encourage further conservation, and in conjunction with the permanent water restrictions listed below, new Level 2 water restrictions are effective June 10, 2022.

  • Between April 1 and October 31, lawn watering and landscape irrigation will be limited to three days a week. Watering may only occur on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Between November 1 and March 31, lawn watering and landscape irrigation will be further limited to two days a week. Watering may only occur on Tuesday and Saturday. 
  • Agriculture users and commercial nurseries as defined in the Metropolitan Water District Code are exempt from LEVEL 2 irrigation restrictions, but will be required to curtail all non-essential water use. 
  • Swimming pools may only be filled when an appropriate pool cover is in place. 
  • Exceptions: The restrictions in LEVEL 2 are not applicable to that use of water necessary for public health and safety or for essential governmental services such as police, fire and other similar emergency services, or when the use is necessary to comply with a term or condition in a permit issued by a City, state or federal agency 
  • Use of potable water is prohibited for the irrigation of non-functional turf at commercial, industrial, and institutional sites.

Permanent Drought restrictions

The following water use restrictions shall apply at all times except when reclaimed or recycled water is used. 

  • Between April 1 and October 31, lawn watering and landscape irrigation will be limited to four days a week. Watering may only occur on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Between November 1 and March 31, lawn watering and landscape irrigation will be further limited to three days a week. Watering may only occur on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Watering or irrigating is prohibited between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., except by use of a hand-held bucket or similar container, a hand-held hose equipped with a positive self-closing water shut-off nozzle or device, or for very short periods of time for the express purpose of adjusting, maintaining, or repairing an irrigation system.   

Any high efficiency sprinkler nozzle shall be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per irrigation station. All other irrigation is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes per irrigation station. 

  • Irrigation of landscapes shall not occur during and forty-eight (48) hours following measurable precipitation. "Measurable precipitation" means a one-quarter (1/4) inch or more of rainfall falling within the City of Tustin within any 24-hour period. 
  • No Customer of the City shall water or irrigate any lawn, landscape, or other vegetated area in a manner that causes or allows water flow or runoff onto an adjoining sidewalk, driveway, street, gutter or ditch. 
  • Water shall not be used to wash down streets, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios, pool decks, or other paved areas, except to alleviate immediate fire or sanitation hazards. Water shall not be used in a manner that causes runoff such that water flows onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private or public walkways, roadways, parking lots, or structures. 
  • Washing of autos, trucks, mobile homes, buses, trailers, boats, airplanes and other types of mobile equipment shall be limited to quick rinses and be done with a hand-held bucket or a hand-held hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle. 
  • The operation of any ornamental fountain or similar structure is prohibited unless the fountain or structure internally recycles the water it uses. 
  • Restaurants shall not serve water to their customers except when specifically requested. 
  • Hotels and motels must provide guests with the option of choosing not to have towels and linens laundered daily and shall prominently display notice of this option in each guestroom. 
  • All water leaks shall be repaired immediately. 
  • Customers that utilize turf for beneficial public use may apply for an exemption from the permanent four day watering restriction. A water management plan shall be provided that demonstrates specific actions that will be taken to manage potable water use. Irrigation schedules shall be in accordance with Section 4953A until the City has reviewed and approved the customer water management plan. Exemptions shall be revoked if customer does not comply with the approved plan.


A Code Compliance Officer will be patrolling the City to ensure all provisions of Ordinance Number 1516 are being adhered to. 

Any violations are subject to the Administrative Citation Program, which provides individuals with an opportunity for compliance prior to the issuance of fines. Should the City receive a concern regarding a property, the Code Compliance Officer will investigate the complaint and provide drought information as the first level of contact.

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In 2018, the California State Legislature (Legislature) enacted two policy bills, (Senate Bill (SB) 606 (Hertzberg) and Assembly Bill (AB) 1668 (Friedman)), establishing a new foundation for long-term improvements in water conservation and drought planning to adapt to climate change and the resulting longer and more intense droughts in California. These two bills amend existing law to provide expanded and new authorities and requirements to enable permanent changes and actions for those purposes, improving the state's water future for generations to come. 

SB 606 and AB 1668 are direct outcomes of Governor Brown's Executive Order B-37-16 issued in May 2016. The recommendations in the April 2017 report entitled Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life, Implementing Executive Order B-37-16 (2017 Framework) and subsequent extensive legislative outreach efforts informed the development of SB 606 and AB 1668. The 2017 Framework was prepared by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and California Energy Commission (CEC) in response.