Babysitters' Guide

Caring for young children is one of the biggest responsibilities you will ever have. You must be able to protect yourself as well as the children.

Getting the Job

  • Know your employer. Babysitting for strangers may not be safe
  • Know when the employer expects to return, and let the employer know how much you charge, and when you have to be home
  • Leave the name, address and telephone number of your babysitting location with your parents, and tell them what time your employer expects to be home

On the Job

  • Before your employer leaves, fill out the babysitter’s safety checklist at the end of this material. Keep the form and a pencil and paper near the telephone
  • Do a safety check with your employer throughout the home so you are familiar with it
  • Know how to work the door and window locks in the home. Leave at least one outside light on
  • If the telephone rings while you're babysitting, don't tell the caller that you're alone
  • Do not open the door to strangers, and don't tell anyone who comes to the door that you're there alone
  • During the day you might have the children out in the yard. If you are in back, make sure the front door is locked and vice versa
  • If you take the children out to the park or anywhere else, make sure you have the house key with you when you leave
  • Have the children go to the bathroom before you leave to avoid having to use public restrooms
  • When you are out with the children, do not talk to strangers. If you suspect you are being followed at any time, go to a nearby home or business and call the police
  • When you return home, if anything seems unusual - a broken window, an open door do not go in. Go to a neighbor's, and call 911 for the police

In an Emergency

  • If you suspect a fire, get the children and yourself outside. Go to a neighbor's house and call 911 for the fire department
  • In any kind of emergency, stay calm. The most important thing to remember is that young children will not panic if you do not
  • Call your employer after calling 911 for emergency services to respond

When The Job Is Over

  • When your employer returns home, report what happened
  • Call home to let someone know you are on your way. Have an escort home
  • If, for some reason your employer will not drive or walk you home, or seems intoxicated , ask someone at your home to get you

Babysitting Safety Checklist

Important items or things to have include:

  • Address and phone number
  • Allergies List
  • Cellphone number
  • Child(ren)'s doctor and phone number
  • Emergency neighbor contact
  • Medications
  • Night light
  • Poison Control Center
  • Police or Fire Emergency Phone: 911
  • Special instructions or routines to follow
  • Where the parents will be