Vehicle Burglary

Like most cities, Tustin is not immune from vehicle-related crime. This is especially true around the holidays, when thieves target unsuspecting victims. A package, purse or electronic device, left in an unattended vehicle may be too much to resist for the opportunistic thief.

Lock It

While this sounds simple enough, you might be amazed to discover that in many instances where items are stolen from vehicles, the victim left the vehicle unlocked. Even leaving your vehicle unlocked for a moment while you run into a store, is enough time for a thief to enter and remove your personal possessions from the car. It is recommended to:

  • Always lock your car even if you are just gone for a moment
  • Always lock your car even if it is parked in your own driveway while you are home

Hide It

Items left in plain sight within your vehicle become a temptation to a thief. If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, take steps to hide them:

  • Never leave your purse, cell phone, or other valuables in plain sight
  • Secure valuables in the trunk of the vehicle  and try to do so prior to arriving at your destination. Thieves watch parking lots looking for potential victims. If they see you placing items in the trunk, you may arouse their curiosity.
  • Consider hiding power cords for phones, GPS units, and bags that may encourage a thief to attempt to enter your car

Reducing Crime

Our goal is to educate the community in order to work as partners in reducing crime. While the consequences of failing to lock your vehicle or hide valuables may result in theft, our sincere hope is to work together to send the message to criminals the Tustin community work together to reduce crime.