Suspicious Persons & Actions

The Tustin Police Department is committed to a policing model of Community Governance.

Community Assistance

Our mission is to work in partnership with our community. With this in mind, we at the Department want our concerned citizens to know we are depending on you to call and tell us whenever you observe suspicious persons or actions. We cannot be everywhere, but with your assistance, we can certainly be more effective.

Reasons for Not Reporting

One of the reasons why some people decide not to call is because they are not aware that some activities might be suspicious. A second reason why some people may hesitate to call is because they do not want to seem like a "nosy neighbor" or a "nuisance." A third reason why some people do not call is because they think someone else has already called.

Report Suspicious Persons & Activities

If you see someone or something suspicious, do not hesitate to call, it is always better to be proactive. Our mission is to investigate and take action accordingly. Reach us by:

  • Calling 714-573-3225 for officer response
  • Call 911, if it is an emergency or a crime in progress

Suspicious Criteria

  • A scream heard anywhere (which could mean a possible assault, robbery or sexual assault)
  • Subject(s) going door-to-door in a residential area, especially if one or more subjects go into a back, front, or side yard (could mean "casing" a house for burglary, possible burglary in progress, or possible trespass)
  • Anyone seen forcing entrance to, or tampering with a residence, vehicle, etc. (this could mean a burglary, theft, malicious mischief, or trespass is in progress)
  • Anyone seen peering into parked cars (this could mean a vehicle is about to be stolen, or burglarized)
  • The sounds associated with the breaking of glass, gun fire, people fighting or loud explosive noises (this could mean a burglary is in progress, a vehicular accident, vandalism, an assault or a danger to the community)
  • Persons exhibiting unusual mental or physical behaviors (this could mean a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is possibly injured, or in need of medical or psychiatric assistance)
  • Unusual amounts of pedestrian traffic to and from a residence, especially on a daily or very regular basis, during late or unusual hours (this could mean possible narcotic activities, prostitution or other criminal activity)
  • Unusual or unknown vehicles seen in an area, especially if slow moving, without lights on, or moving aimlessly or repetitively, especially in school areas, parks or playgrounds (this could mean possible "casing" for criminal purposes, sexual predators or drug related activities)
  • Unusual parked occupied vehicles (may contain one or more persons), especially significant if observed at an unusual hour or location (this could mean a lookout for a burglary or robbery in progress, or persons possibly involved in lewd acts in public)
  • Subject(s) offering to sell merchandise at an unusually low price (This could mean possible stolen property)
  • Abandoned vehicles in neighborhoods or business complexes (this could mean a possible stolen vehicle)
  • Unknown vehicle(s) being loaded with valuables, especially if parked in front of a closed business or unattended residence (this could mean a possible burglary or other theft in progress)

This information is not all-inclusive. There are a number of other activities that can be considered suspicious. Just keep in mind, that anything that seems "out of place" for your area, or for the time of day during which it is happening, may mean criminal activity.

Call us and we will come out and determine if it is criminal activity.

Critical Information

The information most often needed by police includes:

  • What happened?
  • When and where did the incident occur, and how much time has passed before calling the police?
  • Were any weapons seen or used?
  • Is anyone injured?
  • Was there any vehicle license numbers and any vehicle description?
  • What was the last known direction of travel of the subjects or vehicles?
  • What was the description of persons (including clothing) involved in the incident being reported?