K-9 Unit

The Tustin Police Department currently has two K-9 teams.

K-9 Teams

A K-9 team consists of a canine handling officer and his or her police service dog. They are part of the Community Policing Bureau and are assigned to Patrol.

Shift Work

K-9 teams generally work night shift hours. This unit is a valuable asset to the department for many reasons. They provide a cost-saving benefit because they are able to handle certain calls which usually require two police officers. The K-9 teams’ functions are to:

  • Respond to alarm and prowler calls
  • Conduct building and article searches
  • Detect narcotics
  • Track and apprehend suspects
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The K-9 handler attends a sixteen-week initial training session. The bonding between the officer and the canine is very important during this time. In order to solidify this bonding, training is ongoing throughout the partnership of the canine team. When the officer is not working, the canine stays at home with the officer and his or her family. Retired dogs normally live with handlers for the rest of their lives.