Tustin Police Support Services Association Awards

Rookie of the Year

This renowned award is earned by an individual who, within the first year and a half as a support services employee in the Tustin Police Department, has shown exceptional performance and distinguished service after successfully completing the FTO program and has proven their dedication to the organization through work ethic, positive attitude, dependability, and willingness to go above and beyond.

Dedication & Professionalism

This employee exemplifies the highest ideals of dedication and professionalism with exceptional:

  • Command of skill set
  • Humility
  • Leadership
  • Unquestioned integrity
  • Work ethic

This is accomplished by the employee's continued focus on personal and professional growth, the way they present themselves, and the way they interact with peers and the community by way of social awareness, etiquette and communication skills. Along with this, the employee shows constant loyalty to the mission of the agency, and puts the needs of the agency above that of their own while consistently displaying a positive attitude.

Supervisor of the Year

This distinguished award is bestowed upon a civilian supervisor that demonstrates professionalism and dedication while executing their supervisory role. This supervisor always maintains a positive leadership style, promotes teamwork and shows loyalty to the mission of agency. This supervisor is well-respected by all department employees, making them a positive and strong representative of civilian staff.

Employee of the Year

This honor is awarded to a well-rounded support services employee who has exceeded the duty requirements expected of his or her position. The employee has demonstrated a distinct pattern of service within the department and/or the community, coupled with professional achievement. In addition, the employee is respected by their peers and other department employees, and is a positive representative of the department and civilian staff.