Tustin Police Support Services Association

The Tustin Police Support Services Association (TPSSA) was formed in March 1997 in order to represent civilian employees due to the diverse nature of the duties performed by those employed at the police department. In recognition of the special circumstances of hours and job descriptions, the City of Tustin recognized TPSSA as a separate unit from the existing general unit in September 1998.


The purpose of our organization is to promote cooperation between employees for mutual protection, to encourage and improve professionalism, to maintain and improve working conditions, safety, and career advancement of the membership.

Volunteer Work & Charitable Donations

While providing a safe environment for citizens to live and work in we also strive to help the city flourish and thrive through our volunteer work and charitable donations.


Our 40 person membership is made up of

  • Communications Officers
  • Crime Analyst
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • Police Services Officers
  • Property and Evidence Specialists
  • Records Specialists

We are all committed to providing the highest standard of services to the community through our dedication to our professions and continually striving for excellence.