Assembly Bill 481 - Military Equipment Funding, Acquisition and Use Policy

Effective January 1, 2022, Assembly Bill (AB 481) requires law enforcement agencies to establish rules for the funding, acquisition, and/or use of military equipment, and approval from the applicable governing body by adoption of a military equipment use policy. The full text of AB 481 is available here. 

Requirements of AB 481

Per AB 481, law enforcement agencies are required to commence the process for adopting a written military use policy by May 1, 2022 in order to continue the use of this previously acquired equipment. The following materials are required for compliance with AB 481:

  • Tustin Police Department’s Military Equipment Use Policy, General Order 708 is available to view here. The AB 481 defined list of military equipment currently in the Tustin Police Department’s possession is included in the policy, as well as each item’s purpose, authorized use, expected lifespan and fiscal impact.
  • The Tustin Police Department has an established process to submit commendations, questions and complaints. Additional information is available here.
  • The Tustin Police Department will prepare an Annual Report to include the use of military equipment, any complaints received, any internal audits or other information about violations of the Tustin Police Department's Military Equipment Use policy. The first Annual Report including this content will be distributed in 2023, per the requirements of AB 481.

NOTE:  The Tustin Police Department does not possess or utilize any military equipment procured from the United States Department of Defense through the Law Enforcement Support Program (also known as the 1028 or 1033 program).

Public Input Regarding AB 481

As required for transparency, the Tustin Police Department has uploaded General Order 708 on this website 30-days prior to a public meeting to satisfy the requirements of AB 481. The public hearing is scheduled for July 19, 2022.