What security measures will be in place to safeguard our children and community?

The safety of our children and community are of the utmost importance and at the center of all decisions regarding how the facility will operate. The City and the planned operator, Orange County Rescue Mission, feel confident with the proposed safety and security elements that the Tustin community, and most importantly, the children of Heritage Elementary, will be safe and secure:

  • This will not be a walk-up facility.  Admission will be referral only and the facility team will coordinate client transportation to and from the facility before any clients travel to or exit from the property.
  • The proposed facility will be entirely fenced-off, including a new secure, screened fence connecting the two buildings along Lansdowne Road, and screening along the existing fencing along Red Hill and Valencia Avenues.
  • 24-hour, interior and exterior security (security guards, cameras, gate access controls, etc.) will enforce a strict, zero-tolerance policy prohibiting loitering around the facility.  Individuals exiting the facility must have a pre-arranged transportation plan.
  •  A network of high-definition video security, with 24-hour, on-site monitoring of all interior and exterior doors and gates.  All gates will be locked, access controlled, and contain audible alarms.
  • The proposed facility will be in operation 24-hours per day, with on-site programming focused on helping the individuals obtain housing and become self-sufficient again.  Unlike some homeless facilities in the County, clients will not be required to gather up all of their belongings, leave the facility, head out into the surrounding community, and then line back up when it reopens each day.
  • The Tustin Police Homeless Liaison Officer and Homeless Coalition Task Force will be based at the facility, resulting in direct coordination with the Orange County Rescue Mission, the Tustin Police Department, and the County of Orange.
  • There will be strict hours of ingress and egress during the night and during sensitive school hours.  The City will continue to coordinate with the Tustin Unified School District regarding facility access during certain sensitive times when students are entering or exiting Heritage Elementary.
  • The City will restore the pedestrian access route along the northern edge of Veterans Sports Park from Severyns Road to the rear gate of Heritage Elementary as soon as possible.

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