What is a knock-knock bandit?

The Tustin Police Department is warning residents about a trend involving residential burglaries, and steps that residents can take to protect themselves.

Daytime Burglaries

While television and movies portray most residential burglaries as taking place at night, surprisingly, the majority take place during the day and on weekdays, when many residents are away from their homes and at work. Thieves often target residential neighborhoods where they believe no one is home.

Knock-Knock Bandit

One common method for the commission of these crimes is what has been coined the “knock-knock bandit." This sort of burglar will actually approach the residence, knocking on the front door to determine if anyone is home. If someone answers the door, they may say they are looking for someone who does not actually live at the residence, or try to convince the resident they are selling a product. If there is no answer, the burglar often walks to the rear yard and makes entry through a side door or window.

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1. What is a knock-knock bandit?
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