2022 Contest Winners

Ballot Chili

  • 1st: OC Professional Firefighter
  • 2nd: my chili has a first name…
  • 3rd: Tustin Brewing Company

Judge's Chili

  • 1st: Ruidoso Red
  • 2nd: Operation Warm Wishes
  • 3rd: BellaQue: BBQ and Chili Co.

Judge's Salsa

  • 1st: Manchester Marketplace
  • 2nd: Make you Randy Salsa
  • 3rd: Ruidoso Red

Restaurant Chili

  • 1st: The Black Marlin
  • 2nd: Manchester Marketplace
  • 3rd: Rodrigo's Mexican Grill

ICS Red Chili

  • 1st: Chili Time
  • 2nd: Fam-Lee Tradition Chili Co.
  • 3rd: Rosie's Chili

ICS Homestyle CHILI

  • 1st: BellaQue: BBQ and Chili Co.
  • 2nd: All Things Chili (A) Chuck Harber
  • 3rd: All Things Chili (B) Ken Hook

Last Call Chili

  • 1st: my chili has a first name…
  • 2nd: OC Professional Fighters
  • 3rd: Barrel of Monkeys

Chairman's Most Spirited Booth

  • 1st: St. Cecelia School Chili Team

Chairman's Best Decorated Booth

  • 1st: Rodrigo's Mexican Grill

Stage Contests

Stage contest winners are as follows:

  • Dog Costume Contest:
  • Beer Stein Holding Female Contest:
  • Beer Stein Holding Male Contest
  • Jalapeño Eating Female Contest
  • Jalapeño Eating Male Contest
  • Watermelon Eating Contest, Kids: