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The City of Tustin Parks and Recreation Department is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications for the Veterans Memorial Paver Program at Veterans Sports Park.  Applicants can have a 4”x8” brick paver engraved in honor of a family member or loved one who has served (or is serving currently) in the United States Armed Services (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard).  The applicant or the Veteran being honored must live, work, or go to school in Tustin or have served at the former MCAS Tustin.  The fee for an engraved paver is $100, which covers the cost of the engraving service.

Each 4’x8” paver can accommodate three lines of text with up to 18 characters per line.  This includes letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces.  Content may include the Veteran’s name, rank, branch of the military, and years (or era) of service. Inscriptions will be in upper case text and will be centered on the paver.  Standard spelling is required for all text, with the exception of first and last names.   Pavers will be placed by branch of service in an order determined by the City of Tustin.

Included with the cost of an engraved paver is the opportunity to submit a photo and narrative about the Veteran for inclusion in the Interactive Kiosk located adjacent to the Veterans Memorial. Photos should be in image form and the narrative can include up to 1300 characters. Examples of information to include in the narrative are stories of time served, military honors, career after military service, family members, hobbies, and other accomplishments. Please note that the City of Tustin will review all submitted text and reserves the right remove any content that is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

Applications can be submitted year round; however, pavers are only engraved twice each year leading up to Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  The deadline to reserve pavers for Memorial Day is April 1st and the deadline to reserve pavers for Veterans Day is October 1st. The individuals honored on the pavers engraved prior to each of these holidays will be highlighted at the associated annual event held at Veterans Sports Park. Engraved pavers will be a permanent part of the memorial and create a lasting memory of the Veterans honored.

Ordering Your Paver

To have a paver engraved, please complete the Veterans Memorial Paver Program Application.  Applicants may return the form by email, mail, or drop it off at Tustin City Hall, Parks and Recreation Department, 300 Centennial Way, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. If you choose to pay online, click on the Veterans Memorial Paver tab.  Sorry, no phone orders.  All forms will be reviewed and approved before payment is processed.  As proof of military service, please include a copy of the Veteran's DD-214 form.

For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 714-573-3326.

View our gallery of photos and bios of Veterans who have pavers at the Veterans Memorial.


The Interactive Kiosk features a touch-screen interface with information on all the individuals honored at the Veterans Memorial, including those with pavers and those Tustinites highlighted on the KIA/MIA Memorial.

Thank you to the Tustin Chamber of Commerce for their generous donation that made this kiosk possible!


Honoring those from Tustin who paid the ultimate sacrifice: 

Ensign Ralph Peter Plumb, USN, May 7, 1942

Seaman Guadalupe Castanada, USN, Nov 13, 1942

Seaman 2nd Class Donald E. Ynigues, USN Aug 14, 1943

Ensign Derril C Wollert, USN Sept 19, 1943

2nd LT Edward Bristow, US Army June 14, 1944

2nd LT Paul Kimball, US Army Air Corp Aug 14, 1944

Petty Officer Ernest Richard Costello, USN Oct 12, 1944

2nd LT Charles Mueller, US Army Air Corp Oct 22, 1944

PFC Luther D Yopp, Army Nov 29, 1944

PFC Edward Burrier, Army Dec 31, 1944

Staff Sgt Marvin Gray, Army Air Corp, Mar 9, 1945

PFC Arthur Dishman, Army Air Corp, Mar 10, 1945

PFC Charles Alstot, Army May 11, 1945

Coxswain Theodore Taulbee, USN Sept 16, 1945

PFC John Bruns, Army Sept 20, 1951

Sgt Joseph L Brand, Jr, USMC Feb 12, 1953

Major Lawrence N Helber, USMC, Jan 24, 1966

PFC Keith M Moser, Jr, USMC June 3, 1967

Sgt Major John H Johnson, Jr, USMC July 12, 1967

Cpl Lawrence Churchill, USMC, Oct 18, 1967

Cpl Juan J Demara, Army Mar 5, 1968

PFC Carlos Davis, USMC Mar 22, 1968

PFC John Robert Oglesby, Army, May 15, 1968

2nd LT Jeffrey L Martin, USMC July 29, 1968

Sgt Allen Gregory Swaim, Army Aug 1, 1968

Sgt James C Lucero, Army June 13, 1969

Sgt Christy Albert Peebler, Army June 13, 1969

PFC Allen DuRoy, Army April 18, 1971