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1. When do the new outdoor dining regulations go into effect?
2. Can I continue using my COVID-19 TUP that was approved by the City?
3. What options do I have to provide outdoor dining? When is City review required?
4. I need to submit for Design Review because I am proposing an Outdoor Dining Area. What and how do I submit?
5. Can public streets, sidewalks, and other public areas be used for outdoor dining? Is there a fee?
6. I am proposing an Outdoor Dining Area or Outdoor Seating Area on public property (public sidewalk, street, curb, etc.). Does this affect the review process?
7. I need to apply for a License Agreement because I am proposing to have outdoor dining on public property. What and how do I submit?
8. What is the deadline to comply with the new outdoor dining regulations?
9. What happens if I don’t comply with the deadline to transition to the new regulations?
10. How late can outdoor dining services be provided?
11. Are there any application fees for having outdoor dining?