Does the survey include historic context statements?

Yes.  The Historic Context Statement analyzes historic contexts and themes in Tustin from pre-1870 through 1976, and more specifically:

Tustin’s built environment represents an array of architectural types and styles that represent different periods in the City’s development. Together, these various architectural styles provide Tustin with distinctive qualities and help to define the community’s character.  

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1. How was the survey conducted?
2. Does the survey include historic context statements?
3. What were the survey findings?
4. Is there any potential for expanding the Cultural Resources District?
5. Are there any newly identified historic resources?
6. Was there any community outreach during the survey update process?
7. How will the architectural style guides and DPR forms be used?
8. Is there is a map of the survey area and historic resources?
9. Who do I contact for more information?