Manager Kanoti

Manager Dave Kanoti began his career with the Tustin Police Department in 1989 as a Police Communications Officer.  He has spent the last 30-years proactively working within the department, and for the Tustin Community we serve.


Manager Kanoti was promoted to Communications Training Officer in 1991, and spent many years teaching and developing new employees to learn the critical and very demanding job of a Communications Officer.  

In 2006 he was promoted to Communications Lead, and added supervisory and technical responsibilities to his training duties.     

In 2012 he was promoted to Property & Evidence Supervisor, and began a new facet of his career managing the Property & Evidence Unit.  He also took on the responsibilities as the facilities manager, purchasing agent and oversite of Fleet Operations for the department.  

In 2018 he was promoted to Support Services Manager, and took over managing the Field Support Division of the Police Department.

Field Support Division

Manager Kanoti currently oversees the Field Support Division of the Police Department which includes the Communications Unit, and the Police Services Officer/CSI Unit.  He is also responsible for oversight and management of the Police Department budget, and law enforcement grants.