Property & Evidence Unit

A collection of property lockers

The Property and Evidence Unit is a vital part of the Police Department, and is an essential piece of the criminal justice system.


The staff is highly trained to maintain control and keep the chain of custody for all evidence items which are booked into the department. All laws and procedures are followed to ensure that the evidence maintains its integrity when presented in court.

Volume of Items

On average, the unit takes in approximately 8,500 items of evidence each year and purges, or clears out, approximately 6,500 items associated with cases that have been adjudicated by the court.

California Association for Property & Evidence

The supervisor and technicians are members of the California Association for Property and Evidence (CAPE). This membership enables staff to maintain communication with other law enforcement agencies in the county and state, and to remain current on legislative updates, policies and procedures.

Other Responsibilities

The Property and Evidence Unit is also responsible for ordering the following items for the entire police department:

  • Equipment
  • Forms
  • Supplies
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicles

Meeting Department Needs

This is a time-consuming responsibility that is taken very seriously. The unit strives to meet all department needs in a timely manner to help department personnel accomplish their assignments safely, and with the best available equipment.

Fleet Coordinator

The Fleet Coordinator is also part of the Property and Evidence Unit. The Fleet Coordinator works in conjunction with personnel from our City Yard and the Information Technology (IT) Staff to ensure all police vehicles are functioning efficiently, and with the latest technology.