Gang Reduction and Directed Enforcement Unit

The Gang Reduction and Directed Enforcement Unit (GRADE) consists of

  • 4 Officers
  • 2 Detectives
  • 2 Sergeants
  • A member of the Orange County Probation Department

Unit Formation

The GRADE Unit was formed on February 19, 2018. GRADE is combination of the department’s former Special Enforcement Detail (SED) and Gang Unit.

Unit Focus

The GRADE unit’s focus is suppressing gang activity and addressing identified Crime and Traffic Analysis and Policing Strategies (CTAPS) issues with self-initiated and proactive problem solving enforcement through a combination of high visibility uniformed patrols and plainclothes surveillance.


The unit is also part of the Tri-Agency Resource Gang Enforcement Team (TARGET) which collaborates with other members of the Orange County District Attorney’s office and Orange County Probation Department.

Gang Member Registration

For gang member registration, call 714-573-3195 to make an appointment.

Report Gang Activity

If you would like to report known gang activity in your area, please email Chris Gerber. Or, to remain anonymous, you can complete a tip at Crime Stoppers.

Report Criminal Activity

Do you know someone on probation who is currently involved in criminal activity? Let us know. Call the Probation Offender hotline at 888-296-3389.