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 February 27, 2024


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The OC Health Care Agency's Health & Safety Tips below address concerns such as landscaping, heating, ventilation, air conditioning as well as cleaning methods for homes and buildings. View the Health & Safety Tips by and Incident Phase Community Guide by clicking on the images. 

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On November 9, 2023, the Tustin Acting Director of Emergency Services proclaimed a local emergency, which was ratified by the City Council on November 10. 

The City’s proclamation requested that the Governor of California, pursuant to the Emergency Services Act, issue a Gubernatorial State of Emergency, and provide expedited access to State and Federal resources, and recovery assistance to the City of Tustin.  Read on for more information

On January 9, 2024, the Tustin City Council determined the need to continue the Local Emergency of the Navy North Hangar Fire Incident.  Government Code § 8630(c) requires the City Council to “review the need for continuing the local emergency at least once every 60 days until the [City Council] terminates the local emergency.” 


 (714) 426 - 2444

A call center has been established to assist the public with questions regarding the incident as well as to accept reports of debris . The call center will be available from 7am – 7pm daily. After 7pm, community members will have the ability to leave a message that will be checked every morning with follow up as needed. Dial 714-426-2444 to reach the hotline.


Request Fire Debris Removal

The Incident Management Team has also launched a new debris reporting portal. This new portal is linked to GIS mapping and will allow operational personnel to better allocate resources to the impacted areas to increase efficiency. Debris previously reported to Envirocheck is being tracked and processed in the order it was received and no further report is needed. Data provided from Envirocheck has been migrated to the new portal. 

Anyone who believes they have debris from the Tustin Hangar Fire Incident, regardless of what city they reside in, is encouraged to utilize the portal or call the hotline. 

Remember: do not touch or disturb fire-related debris.  

What To Expect With Fire Debris Removal

We recognize that residents and businesses are eager to have debris removed from their properties. There are environmental regulations in place at both a local and federal level that determine how the fire debris is assessed and safely removed. We’re working with regional partners to make sure this process is efficient and safe for the Tustin community. 

Cleanup will be handled in two steps: 

  • Debris Assessment (Envirocheck)
  • Debris Removal (ATI) 
  • Here's what to expect:  

Debris Assessment: When you report debris using the portal or call the hotline at (714) 426-2444, an Envirocheck crew member will be deployed to your home or business.   Crews will contact you at your home or business to assess the fire debris on the property. They will wear a mask and gloves, gather information about the debris, and report it back to the team in order to deploy a separate team (ATI) to remove the debris. This second step is important to make sure removal is done safely and properly, following local and federal rules. 

Debris Removal (ATI): Once alerted by the assessment crews, ATI removal crews arrive and will handle safe removal and disposal of the debris from your property at no cost to you.  Please don’t be alarmed that they will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their safety, including full body suits, foot coverings, and a respirator.

What Type of Fire Debris Should Be Reported?

Tustin community members are encouraged to report the presence of fire debris and materials on their property to the Debris Reporting Form portal or call the hotline at  (714) 426-2444

Here’s a list to help know what to report and what NOT to report: 

Report Report

  • Larger pieces of material, similar to building material in photos shown below materials including siding, fiberglass, sheets of plastic and insulation.
    Types of Debris To Report

 What Not to ReportDon’t Report

  • Ashes, soot, and small pieces of material 


Temporary Road Closures 

In response to the incident, the following roads are closed until further notice:

  • Armstrong Avenue both directions from Valencia Avenue to Victory Drive

Tustin Unified School District Closures   

  • All 29 Tustin Unified School District (TUSD) schools have been inspected, mitigated, and cleared. All TUSD schools are open.  

Landscaping Info

If you still have visible debris from the Hangar incident on the exterior of your home or business,

i. Avoid touching suspected debris from this incident and report the debris and call (714) 426-2444  or use our portal to request that the debris be removed by professionals.

ii. Avoid landscaping activities (mowing/leaf blowing/gardening) until the visible debris is appropriately removed.

iii. Follow any guidance provided by certified asbestos consultants (CAC’s).

City/Navy Agreement

The Tustin City Council met on Nov. 10, 2023, in an emergency meeting. The City Council voted 4-0 to authorize approval of a cooperative agreement to implement an emergency response related to the Tustin North Hangar fire with the U.S. Department of the Navy, which owns the North Hangar property.  The agreement would allow the City to take immediate actions needed for remediation of the Tustin North Hangar site, for the health and safety of the Tustin community (an initial $1 million).  The Navy will fund costs to ensure that human health and safety are protected. This includes actions to ensure that asbestos assessment and remediation activities are available to Tustin residents and businesses.  The funding may also be used by the City to safely demolish the hangar and stabilize the site. Link to release


Air Quality Reports and Resources

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