Costco Gasoline Station Project Information

The City of Tustin recently approved the addition of a new Costco gas station at its Tustin Ranch location. The project was thoroughly reviewed by the City Council and Planning Commission during three public hearings between June and October 2019. In compliance with State law and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), several environmental studies were completed to evaluate, at a minimum, if any significant traffic, noise, air quality, or water quality impacts would be created by the project. As additional concerns were raised by the public, additional analyses were completed. Upon completion of the studies, all required legal findings for approving the project were met.

The project approval process was legal, sound, and always with our community in mind. The project has received wide support from the community, however, in order to respond to questions regarding the project, links to the studies and answers to frequently asked questions can be found below or at  Costco Gasoline Station Project.