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Storm Water Pollution Prevention

CASQA has created a SWPPP template to comply with the new State Construction General Permit requirements. Membership to CASQA is required to download the template.
Please click here to access the new SWPPP template.

The City of Tustin participates in the federal National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to prevent storm water pollution from entering the storm drain system and protect the beneficial uses of streams, bays, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, and ocean waters.  This program is implemented through a number of permits issued to local jurisdictions by nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards in California.   

Along with a number of other Orange County cities and the County of Orange, the City of Tustin is within the jurisdiction of the Santa Ana Regional Quality Control Board and is responsible for implementing the current permit, adopted in January 2002.  This permit is known as "Order No. R8-2002-0010 and NPDES No. CAS618030" and sets forth specific waste discharge requirements for the County, as the Principal Permittee, and cities, as Co-Permittees.  There are several Co-Permittee requirements, which are implemented by the Public Works and Community Development Departments for the City of Tustin, including:

·  Inspecting construction sites to ensure pollutants such as dirt and debris are contained on-site;

·  Inspecting commercial and industrial sites to ensure chemicals or other contaminants are not spilling or draining into the storm drain system;

·  Reviewing new development and significant redevelopment projects to ensure best management practices for preventing water pollution are used;

·  Educating residents and business owners about stormwater issues;

·  Prohibiting unauthorized connections to or discharges into the storm drain system; and,

·  Maintaining the storm drain system by street sweeping, catch basin stenciling, and drainage facility inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

Resident and Business Owner Participation

Residents and business owners are also important participants in preventing stormwater pollution and keeping our waters clean.  The following activities, if done inappropriately, have the potential to pollute the storm drain system and downstream waters:  

·  Pool maintenance and draining;

·  Landscape maintenance and using pesticides;

·  Disposing of pet waste;

·  Carpet cleaning; and,

·  Automobile maintenance and disposing of waste oil.

For information on how to protect water quality when performing these activities or general information about the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, please contact the Public Works Department at (714) 573-3151 or visit

Pollution Hotline

Spills of chemicals, both accidental and otherwise, occur throughout Orange County. While many are small and are easily cleaned up, such as fuel spills from vehicle accidents, others have greater potential for harm. The San Diego fuel pipeline rupture of 1985, the American Trader oil spill of 1989 and the Brea tire factory fire of 1996 are examples of these types of larger hazardous material incidents. Through a Water Quality Ordinance Implementation Agreement with the City of Tustin, County of Orange staff are available 24 hours a day to respond to, investigate and abate the effects of spills.

To report a spill, call the 24-Hour Water Pollution Problem Reporting Hotline at (877) 89-SPILL or go to and use the online reporting form. In case of an emergency, call 911. While the primary goal is the protection of the environment, investigations may, in some instances, lead to civil or criminal prosecution.

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